From March 2 to 8

As every year on the occasion of International Women's Day, Etam is committed to promoting progress for women's freedom.

This year, Etam is launching the “Suspended Bra” operation in all its stores and on for the benefit of the Solidarité Femmes association.

1 bra purchased
1 bra donated
to a woman in need

La journée de la femme - visuel 1
La journée de la femme - visuel 2


To be an integral part of women's lives.
Evolve alongside them, over the years
Support them. And give them confidence.
Accompany them in their quest for freedom.
They sometimes put me aside to revolt.
Sometimes even let down...
To better find myself.
Between us, it's much more than a story of lingerie.

Logo - Etam X Solidarité Femmes

Etam is committed to Solidarité Femmes and its 78 partner associations 365 days a year. Concrete actions to finance listening, help, and support for women who are victims of domestic violence.

Logo - Etam X Solidarité Femmes La journée de la femme - visuel 3
Logo - Etam X Solidarité Femmes

A fight led hand in hand since 2018.

Concrete committments in 6 EU countries.

Gift bags on sale all year round to raise funds.

Thousands of calls funded on the 39 19 emergency call line.

21,063 women listened to, helped and guided in 2022.

17,270 new pieces of clothes and lingerie, given on the occasion of Black Friday Solidaire.